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CIOs lead digital transformation in modern era: Mark Ferrer, SAP

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Organizations demand more of cloud-like buying experience to move from capex to opex says Mark Ferrer, SAP.

Any rules or guidelines 'cast in stone' for modern organizations to embark a successful digital economy?

Firstly, everybody wants a mobile like experience and they want it to be intuitive. Clearly with SAP Fiori (provides a role-based experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices) and our new products are very much oriented towards an intuitive user experience. The second aspect in the digital economy is data and its management irrespective of the industry. Whether it is IoT wherein the data comes off a tractor or car or whatever it may be.

Companies should strike the right balance of these two pieces with a priorities list -whether a people centric business or it is commerce. With all the change happening in India around commerce and e-commerce, there is a rapid rush to provide robust commerce solutions in electronic easy to use fashion.

Digital Core with a strong back end system has been our heritage. SAP S4HANA has been growing phenomenally. From a technology stand point, many of our customers are still on back levels of ERP getting a new experience on the digital core that allows companies to manage the different pieces in the system.

With SLAs becoming much stricter and RoI centric, how do see the emergence of cloud for modern companies?

It depends on where you are in the cloud world. But most companies now realize cloud as the primary route for lot of company's functions. There is however hesitancy particularly around areas where they feel to have the competitive advantage - whether private or public cloud.

SAP private cloud business is growing extremely fast as more clients approach us to drive them towards innovation much faster. Seizing that big opportunity is very important for us. Cloud is much beyond pricing structure as it's that quick time to innovation and that quick time to value for the modern customers. And the private cloud provides that alternative.

Any fears by CIOs and CMOs on their journey of digital transformation?

Today will be the least amount of change that companies will ever go through. The change will only get faster. And launching solution or product that takes six months into the marketplace is not acceptable.

Managing the data securely is crucial as integrating the core pieces of business can lead to cyber problem. But the biggest concern is how connecting -- and this is where we really come into play - their business customers or customers' customers all the way for an end to end real-time experience with effective data management for the consumers.

Nobody waits for five seconds response time? Nobody waits for a report that takes three or six months to produce?  Everything today has to be in the real time.


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