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CIO Quick Takes: What's your strategic focus?

Dan Muse | March 13, 2017
What are the top priorities for CIOs and other IT leaders for the new year? Thirty weigh in and share their strategic plans.

In the year ahead, there are several priorities. We’re advancing our use of real-time and data-driven decision making. We’re accelerating the use of more mobile workforce tools and making it easier for customers and colleagues to collaborate. And as we create these new operational efficiencies, we’re staying focused on our priority to make sure we have the most current cybersecurity safeguards in place.

Mihai Strusievici, director, IT, North America, Colliers International
mihai strusievici |
Credit: Colliers International

Our strategic focus of 2017 will be on continuing the radical, long-term transformation of our information systems in the context of a general digital transformation strategy. We will have to address simultaneously the expectations for a modern user experience and the increased needs for advance cybersecurity measures, while still allow for exploration of new technologies.

Our focus will change from application centric to ecosystems of applications, designed with a security mindset and incorporating intelligent user and systems analytics. As data will form the connective fabric of these ecosystems, we will explore new ways to extract competitive advantage from the use of advanced data science supported by new capabilities of machine learning and AI.

Finally yet importantly, we will have to develop an evaluation framework for the extremely fast changing environment, which will allow us to differentiate quickly between technology fads, fashion or real disruptive trends.

Pradip Sitaram, senior vice president, CIO, Enterprise Community Partners
pradip headshot 0023 
Credit: Enterprise Community Partners

For over 30 years, Enterprise Community Partners has improved communities by helping Americans live in well-designed homes made affordable. Our challenge is significant: Today, 19 million families pay over half their income for housing and are disconnected from good schools, jobs, transit and health-care.

Digital and physical worlds have merged. Geographical boundaries have disappeared. Data delivers insights like never before – and people have unimaginable computing power in the palm of their hands. Technology will transform our interaction with constituents and exponentially increase our impact.

Our multi-dimensional digital transformation strategy leverages Cloud, Mobile, and Social technologies to create one customer-centric platform, allowing our staff to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Our strategy strengthens our ability to assess neighborhood conditions and share our nationwide know-how. We’re targeting our investments more effectively and providing needed policy leadership. And with the click of new mobile apps, families will gain unprecedented access to vital opportunities.

Randall Gaboriault, senior vice president, Innovation and Strategic Development; CIO, Christiana Care Health System
gaboriault randall 
Credit: Christiana Care Health System

My strategic focus starts with my hypothesis that anything that can be packaged and delivered over a network will be packaged and delivered over a network. We’re already made this transition in much of our everyday lives. I’m applying this same innovation to make healthcare dramatically better. I have three priorities, First, digital is transforming the processes and venues of care, from the physical to the digital space. Your future healthcare will be much more connected and at the same time almost all of your interaction will take place outside the four walls of a doctor’s office. Priority two is moving from data producer to data consumer. Doctors have always initiated the creation of your official health data, inside clinical settings, think lab tests & exams. Persistently connected, streaming devices will force an information logistics reversal. The first two priorities lead to the third: pioneering new organizational capabilitiesmany of which do not yet exist. As of result, I’m developing new innovation competencies to rapidly accelerate experimentation, get validated results quickly, and scale what works.


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