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CIO Quick Takes: What's your strategic focus?

Dan Muse | March 13, 2017
What are the top priorities for CIOs and other IT leaders for the new year? Thirty weigh in and share their strategic plans.

For example, we will continue to build on and expand our new member-centric medical office model (which we began to implement in 2016) to more sites this year. These offices integrate technology to create an intuitive, convenient, personalized experience for our members. Consumer-friendly features include: express check in via a remote device or an on-site kiosk, an interactive monitor in the exam room that displays pertinent information and enables real-time video consultation with a specialist, and a text alert when a patient's prescription is ready at the on-site pharmacy.

We will also continue to add features to our Web and mobile capabilities that make it even easier for members to access services and care teams, and manage their own health. Another focus: is to continue to deliver advanced clinical technologies and remote monitoring capabilities that further improve diagnosis and treatment.

Joel Jacobs, vice president and CIO, The MITRE Corporation
joel jacobs 
Credit: The MITRE Corporation

For me, a strategic focus area in 2017 is Anticipatory Knowledge Delivery. MITRE, as a knowledge-driven enterprise operating in the public interest, must deliver its knowledge and expertise across diverse mission domains in a rapidly changing environment.  We are constantly looking to shift the delivery of actionable information to the left in decision makers’ timelines and processes. 

Applying predictive analytics to identify actionable information, leading indicators, thresholds, insights and process optimizations to the volumes of both internal and external structured and unstructured data and events will be an increasingly critical enabler to achieve our desired outcomes.

Our goal is faster, better decisions both in support of our sponsors’ missions as well as our own business decisions. The anticipatory delivery of actionable information and knowledge — ideally before decision makers even realize they need it—will have significant impact.

Kent Mills, CIO, Wakefield Canada
kent mills with tablet 
Credit: Wakefield Canada

Our strategic focus of our Business Technology team at Wakefield/Castrol in 2017 is simple: apply the best technologies and innovation to the goals of our integrated business.

On the Marketing and Sales fronts, it’s all about empowering our salespeople. In a competitive market, we need better business insights and seamless communication via all customer touchpoints leveraging all the tools available: social media lead generation, CRM, and powerful mobile platforms to maximum success for our road warriors.

In Supply Chain, we’re driving down distribution costs dramatically with an IOT play involving remote customer tank monitoring via the cloud. We’re creating market advantage via automated order flow-through and optimized distribution with big data, ensuring right product / right place / right time.

Last but not least, we’re keeping a close eye on disruptive technologies and trends in the automotive industry to identify growth opportunities – there’s a sea change happening and we need to be on the right side of the tide.


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