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Can Google dart solve JavaScript's speed and scale problems?

Paul Rubens | Sept. 4, 2013
Large JavaScript Web apps can be hard to develop and slow to run. Google's Dart language may offer a solution to address both of those issues

Killer Dart Apps
As yet there are no plans for any other browsers beyond Google's to support Dart directly, so the chances of it becoming the lingua franca of the Web appear slim. But Buckett maintains that the twin advantages of performance and ease of large scale development — plus the ecosystem of Dart tools that are available — may mean it proliferates.

"In the short term its very unlikely that we will see the Dart VM in other browsers, but if there are killer apps in Dart that run really fast in Chrome — something like the next Facebook — then people will inevitably say 'let's include it in our browser'," says Buckett. "This is especially true in the mobile browser space, because JavaScript kills battery life."

The good news for JavaScript developers is that it is fairly easy to convert JavaScript skills to Dart, although developers are likely to find Dart more restrictive than JavaScript. But for anyone who is used to developing in server-side languages like Java or C#, these restrictions won't seem too onerous.


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