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Camera app makers tap into RAW power with iOS, and look forward to dual lenses

Glenn Fleishman | Sept. 19, 2016
Developers behind several popular, well-reviewed iOS camera apps eagerly incorporate short-term photo enhancements and anticipate more to come.

Wilkinson noted that he shoots with a RED digital video camera, and it offers the ability to shoot effectively two separate video tracks at once by capturing two frames within very short intervals at different exposures. This allows either using one or the other track later, or combining for HDR video. Wilkinson so far is just thinking about how the Plus’s performance and multiple cameras might offer anything analogous.

Other app makers so far are thinking just about enabling or disabling zoom: The Manual app shoots at 1x or 2x, but doesn’t offer the in-between range. Bönig says ProCamera will take advantage of the taptic engine in a variety of ways—when people swap lenses, for example—but won’t offer that intermediate zoom.

Camera+ will offer a switch. Casasanta notes, “If someone is using digital zoom on a smartphone, they don’t get it, and they don’t really care so much about having the utmost depth of quality at that point.” Camera+ has a wide range of users, and doesn’t want to lock the mode out.

A future that doesn’t fit in a frame

The excitement among developers is palpable. The updated cameras, RAW shooting, and wide-gamut color bring more possibilities than any hardware and iOS update in years. “It’s a step in the next dimension of photography,” says Bönig. Once they and others get their hands on the hardware, we should see a remarkable flourishing of experimentation in camera and photo-editing apps.


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