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Brainshark touts PowerPoint-on-iPad success, but Microsoft circles the waters

Juan Carlos Perez | Nov. 7, 2013
Will there still be a need for SlideShark once Microsoft comes out with Office for the iPad?

In addition to the basic free app, Brainshark also offers a more sophisticated Pro Edition of SlideShark, as well as a Team Edition for workgroup collaboration on presentations. The company is considering creating a version of SlideShark for Android as well.

Ted Schadler, a Forrester Research analyst, said there are other apps and cloud services that compete with SlideShark to varying degrees, but that there will continue to be space for companies like Brainshark, given the gap they're filling, in particular in sales situations.

"Even if Microsoft does support PowerPoint on iPad and Android, it won't necessarily have the workflow around presentation distribution, analytics, etc., that turn the document into a sales resource. So there's still plenty of market opportunity for a company like Brainshark," he said via email.

"Documents are the shipping containers of information processes: they carry the payload. But the processes themselves are incredibly varied by industry, function, and scenario," Schadler said.

So while Microsoft has the core platform for those documents — PowerPoint in this particular instance — many vendors provide complementary functions for workflow, transmission, security and collaboration, he said.

For Brainshark, the app has also become a customer conduit for its other products, including its flagship Brainshark On Demand, an enterprise app for creating, showing, sharing, tracking and managing video presentations, primarily for sales and education scenarios.

From a product development perspective, the company would like to more tightly integrate SlideShark with Brainshark On Demand and its other products, according to Brainshark's vice president of product management David Kline.


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