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BLOG: What is the winning formula for Big Data security analytics solutions?

Jon Oltsik | April 4, 2013
Rapid innovation in product intelligence, data sharing, visualization, and useability will separate leaders from posers

5. Additional security services. Aside from incident detection and security investigations, there is already big data security analytics product development in other areas such as risk management, regulatory compliance, and fraud detection. It is likely that these kinds of big data security analytics will develop with a mix of real-time and asymmetrical product capabilities. For example, big data security analytics for real-time risk management will provide continuous monitoring for situational awareness, rogue assets, configuration management, and vulnerability detection while asymmetric big data security analytics for risk management will be used for risk management planning, scoring, and investment decisions. Organizations can use asymmetric big data security analytics to develop risk scores that help them better focus resources, investment, and security priorities to where they are needed most.

Product and SaaS providers that focus on feature/functionality in these 5 areas will become big data security analytics leaders over the next 3 to 5 years. This is a very big market opportunity so expect a lot of churn, excitement, hyperbole, and technical advancement.



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