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BLOG: Technologies of freedom - A sales pitch

Anushkar Mohinani | May 6, 2011
Social repercussions of technology include the intensification of labour.

This progression of thoughts led me to think about one of the studies I had read that examines the conflicting consequences of communications technology within a socio-cultural context.
Authors of Cybernetic Capitalism: Information, Technology, Everyday Life, Kevin Robins and Frank Webster believe the “information revolution” is an extension and reconfiguration of Fordism. The authors argue that we have entered a “new stage in capitalism that puts social life under the dual regimen of productivity and discipline.”

They say: “technology now plays a central role in which control (of workers) coincides with the goal of productivity and surplus value.”

They exemplify that communications technology has a profound impact on work and leisure, particularly on their interrelation. According to them, we are not only put to work inside the “factory”, but we are also put to work at home to feed the capitalist economy.

Bringing me to the crux of my post, the authors believe that the promise of technology to satisfy the need for more freedom, democracy and leisure, and meet the demands related to quality of life is a “sales pitch”.


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