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BLOG: Google's plan to make Android developers rich

Steve Patterson | May 22, 2013
At the 2013 Google I/O conference, the company addressed the problems with developing for Android - primarily that iOS developers are making a lot more money - and showed how it will help fix them.

Tor Norbye gave the crowd a taste of Android Studio in a new integrated development environment (IDE) based on IntelliJ, a widely adopted Java IDE. Tor led into the discussion with an example of how international apps are built. After an introduction to the Symantec features of Android Studio and a demonstration of the rendering and previewing of an app on multiple phone and tablet form factors, he closed with a demonstration of rendering an app in eight different languages into eight simulations so the developer could optimize the layout for different-sized text strings, a time-consuming manual process without Android Studio.

Google clearly stated to app developers at this I/O that it is attentive and committed to helping them develop apps more efficiently and make more money with Android. It is leveraging Android's international advantage over iOS to generate global app revenues, while helping to grow the Google Play revenues it shares with Android developers.

Android Studio has not been released yet, but its name offers a promising future. It reminds me of Microsoft's Visual Studio for building Windows apps. Developers who love and hate Microsoft are in agreement: Visual Studio is an incredible IDE for teams of developers to develop software efficiently. If Android Studio achieves a level development productivity near that of Visual Studio, Google will win the hearts and minds of mobile app developers.


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