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BLOG: Eliminate IT spend on shelfware

Jill Powell, client services director, Flexera Software | June 25, 2013
An easy way to make rapid savings.

Define Software Licence Optimisation Policies
It's critical to define and implement asset and licence optimisation policies throughout the business. This means that there must be specific policies on every aspect of licence management, with an aim to reduce costs and limit the business and legal risk related to the ownership of software.

Focus on the Major Software Publishers
Businesses should focus their software asset management and licence optimisation efforts on the highest value and highest spend applications-as these pose the most risk of software audits. A true-up with one or more of these represent one of the largest potential unbudgeted expenses if businesses find themselves out of licence compliance.

Carefully Monitor Virtual Environments 
Software licensing is often under-managed in virtualised environments. The risk of licence non-compliance is greatly increased in virtual server environments because: 

  • It's easy to create and move new virtual machines running copies of operating systems and software applications;
  • Publishers' licensing rules for virtual environments add significant complexity to the already complicated task of managing software licences.

Automating software licence optimisation is the only way to manage virtual environment licence complexity.

Understand Software Publisher Licence Rules and Product Use Rights
Software use rights can significantly impact an organisation's licence position. Simply put, product use rights define where, how and by whom a piece of software can be installed and/or used. Businesses should take full advantage of use rights, including their rights to upgrade, rights of second use, virtual use, etc. Equally, it is crucial that software usage restrictions are understood to stay in compliance.

Fundamentally, the complexity of licence management is further increasing with virtualisation, cloud computing and mobility. Enterprises must adopt software licence optimisation as a discipline by implementing technology - it automates the process of collecting data and applying licence entitlement rules across vendors and licence models - to generate an optimised position.


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