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BLOG: Averting SaaS-astrophe with a dose of reality

John Landy | Jan. 9, 2013
While the US fiscal cliff is clearly cause for real concern, for those of us in the SaaS industry this economic cloud may have a silver lining. According to a recent article in eCommerce Times, the cliff could drive even greater adoption of cloud and SaaS services in 2013, continuing the strong growth trajectory in these categories over the past few years.

We IT leaders know that our roles are shifting from a rigorous technology focus toward a broader business orientation and that accommodating end user success has become our highest priority.  I'm seeing the pendulum swing from just producing check-box feature software to allowing the users to choose what software is being used and for what business purpose.  This is a good change as long as the other "ilities" are being met to ensure that the solution meets the IT needs for compliance and regulation. And I'm certain that the CIO who ignores their user community or their own policies is the CIO who will not survive the next apocalypse. 

The key here is knowing that supporting SaaS-based services in the enterprise is not about ceding control but changing our agendas. Our emphasis going forward must be on proactively managing our IT partners and vendors rather than actively building and constructing our IT systems.

So those are some new realities for SaaS in 2013.The world has not come to a sudden end, but the rate of change of the natural environment is increasing (as evidenced by the largest iceberg breakup ever caught on film -- video below). We know that the IT and SaaS ecosystem will continue to evolve as well. If nothing else, Moore's law demands it in the very nature of how computing power continues to grow at an increasing rate of change.  We IT leaders know that businesses have to adapt to their environments in order to survive the long term, but don't let that necessary evolution compromise the security of the enterprise.

John Landy is chief technology officer at IntraLinks where he oversees employees working in multiple countries around the world and leads the creation of customizable storage and collaboration solutions for enterprises that need to securely share sensitive information both inside and outside the firewall.


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