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BLOG: 10 things you don't need to worry about in 2014

Andrew C. Oliver | Dec. 20, 2013
The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially when marketing bots make grandiose predictions. Here's what'll stay put in the coming year.

6. Microsoft Office going away
It's no secret I hate Microsoft Office. I have always hated it. I mean, I named a Java library I wrote that implements the Excel file format "Horrible Spread Sheet Format." I went to Open Office, then to Libre Office, then to Google Docs. However, I know I'm in the minority here and old habits die hard. People still think in "files" and even call Google Sheets "Google Excel." While the move to mobile and the change in habits that brings will eventually chip away here, I wouldn't worry about Microsoft Office going anywhere in 2014.

7. BlackBerry existing
BlackBerry barely exists now. I remember the PR knucklehead trying to get me to write about the new BlackBerry platform earlier in the year, and I told him I couldn't imagine anyone actually caring. Now after firing everyone and all that, I'm sure a patent pool is in there somewhere, and there's always money in destroying technology with frivolous patent lawsuits. Right, Microsoft and Apple?

8. Hollywood's and the recording industry's rights
Don't worry, Congress has their back. My own Sen. Kay Hagan has taken lots of money from them and supported SOPA, PIPA, and all sorts of anti-technology-industry and anti-freedom measures, despite them being against the interests of her own state. There will be nothing but the very opposite of reform next year.

9. The supply of cheap tablets
I bought the kids $99 16GB tablets on black Friday. Not crappy ones either! Ubiquitous computing is here to stay and expand.

10. Google Glass
This thing is a dud. It will not be taking over the world when it launches in the spring. Sure, there will be some fad buys, but most people who aren't supersusceptible to identity or false-scarcity-style marketing have had neutral or negative things to say. Negative reviews or statements including this one will continue to generate Google fanboy and fangirl hatred (likely in the comment section below). If I were you, I would not dismiss the critics. Simply, Google Glass isn't very good.

Source: InfoWorld


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