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Big data gets runtime specification

Thor Olavsrud | March 29, 2016
The ODPi Runtime Specification and test suite is designed to help organizations write Hadoop-based applications once with the confidence that they will run on a variety of Hadoop distributions.

"Big data is the key to enterprises welcoming the cognitive era and there's a need across the board for advancements in the Hadoop ecosystem to ensure companies can get the most out of their deployments in the most efficient ways possible," Rob Thomas, vice president of product development, IBM Analytics, added in a statement Monday. "With the ODPi Runtime Specification, developers can write their application once and run it across a variety of distributions - ensuring more efficient applications that can generate the insights necessary for business change."

With the Runtime Specification out the door, Mertic says the next focus will be the ODPi Operations Specification to help enterprises improve installation and management of Hadoop and Hadoop-based applications. It covers Apache Ambari, which is used for provisioning, managing and monitoring Hadoop clusters. Mertic expects the Operations Specification will be ready this summer.

The ODPi is also getting ready to decide what it will focus on after that. Mertic explains that each ODPi member, regardless of size or investment, has exactly one vote. Some possibilities include work around Spark, Kafka, HBase and Hive.

Source: CIO


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