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Beyond IoT: Everything you need to know about SAP’s new-look Leonardo platform

Scott Carey | May 23, 2017
SAP has relaunched its Leonardo platform as a "digital innovation system", as it seeks to allow customers to take advantage of emerging technologies on top of their business data.

This allows customers to invite SAP on site or to visit a global design centre (the first four are in New York, Paris, Bangalore and Sao Leopoldo, with more coming soon) for a day of "design thinking" sessions meant to identify the key use cases customers want to bring Leonardo to, and ending with a working "low-fidelity" prototype. SAP then provides access to this prototype for employees to offer immediate feedback.

SAP will start to build up a library of pre-built use cases, with the launch templates being for the popular predictive maintenance or vehicle telematics use cases. This allows customers to only worry about integrating the relevant back end systems with Leonardo in order to get started quickly.


Early SAP Leonardo customers

Interestingly, most of the early touted customers for Leonardo fit the IoT mould that the product was initially positioned for.

Heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar is eying Leonardo for vehicle insights, Trenitalia is using it for predictive maintenance on its trains, and UK SAP customer Norther Gas Networks is also looking towards Leonardo in the future for a whole host of IoT use cases across its massive gas distribution network.

Caterpillar worked with SAP to create a live factory solution to get a real time view of its forklifts to try and drive efficiencies and avoid bottlenecks, as well as using Leonardo for vehicle insights and predictive maintenance.

Speaking at Sapphire, Marty Groover said he sees Leonardo bringing Caterpillar "a common interface and common operating environment. So giving us digital manufacturing insights to look at all factories in one, consistent way".

Anand from SAP also shared an early case study from Italian train operator Trenitalia. She explained how "they leveraged our predictive maintenance capabilities as part of Leonardo. They took massive volumes of streaming data from sensors and generated into real time insights and transformed their asset management". This allowed the train operator to proactively detect machine failures and extend asset life cycles.

Then there is consulting firm Deloitte, which is SAP's official go to market partner for Leonardo starting with two use cases, one for automating financial processes and another for manufacturers to get a live view of its factory floor, like the Caterpillar example.


SAP Leonardo pricing

Naturally pricing for a product like Leonardo will be pretty bespoke as it comprises of cloud software and services like the design thinking process bundled together.

According to SAP's Anand, "Customers will not have to assemble pieces and parts to solve a business problem. We will use included services that tailor predefined software elements for the specific customer implementation. Everything will come at a predefined price and our engagement is time-bound, so every customer has an accelerated time-to-value."


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