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Ask the iTunes Guy: Cleaning up your iTunes library

Kirk McElhearn | March 16, 2015
Like children, or weeds, an iTunes library has the tendency to grow and grow. Your Mac's internal storage does not. iTunes 12 segments your media in a way that makes it easy to forget you have a bunch of audiobooks, podcasts, or old TV shows in your library that probably don't need to be there anymore. But iTunes also makes it easy to back that media up in another location, so it's safe to delete and free up space on your Mac.

It seems that this is a bug that's been in iOS since the release of iOS 8, but that only affects certain devices. I had expected it to be fixed in one of the iOS updates — such as this week's iOS 8.2 — but it hasn't been yet.

The Remote app displays a text placeholder where the album art is, as below. However, if you tap Up Next, you'll see thumbnails of the artwork for the coming tracks.

It does work fine on some devices, such as my iPod touch (5th generation) and my non-retina iPad mini. I don't know why this is the case.

A Genius for all seasons

Q: I like to use Genius Mix playlists in iTunes 12, but there's one catch. Whenever iTunes generates these playlists it incorporates my holiday music into the selections. Is there a way to prevent Genius Mixes from including certain items? I don't want to listen to Christmas songs in the summer.

Alas, no. Just as you can't exclude items from iTunes Match, you can't tell Genius only to look at certain songs. The only thing you can do is move your holiday music out of your iTunes library during the part of the year when you don't want to hear it.

The first question above explains how to do this.

Can't buy me playlist love

Q: Why, for the love of mix tapes, would Apple remove the ability to gift a playlist? Have they no sense of romance? Do they not understand the power of a thoughtfully compiled and gifted set of songs? There are loves that wouldn't have blossomed... Babies that wouldn't have been born... Road trips that would have been totally lame if it weren't for homemade music compilations. I heard that at one point in 1985 Gorbachev was minutes away from pushing the big red button, but Reagan sent him a KILLER mix tape of mostly rare Erasure bootlegs. Now those kinds of surprises are nearly impossible. So, now, I'm I supposed share a playlist with someone, send her a gift card, and hope she'll use apply it to the playlist? I'm sure her heart will be all aflutter. I hope they bring it back. For the children's sake. There's simply no telling what kind of damage has already been done.

What he said.

iTunes removed the ability to gift playlists in iTunes 11, and many people miss this.

It's almost enough to make a guy burn a CD...


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