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Asia: From a market of millions to millions of markets

Claus Mortensen | Jan. 17, 2014
IDC envisions 2014 to be a year of transformation for vendors and service providers in the ICT space.

5. xCommerce boom will give rise to new consumption models and industries

Just as smartphones and mobile apps have drastically changed the areas of computing, software and communications, IDC expects mobile platforms to drastically change and expand the area of xCommerce in 2014 and beyond.

Mobile commerce is particularly well suited for the Asia/Pacific region and IDC expects most eCommerce provider to  expand their capabilities for mobile shopping in the near future. This will not only apply to companies with existing eCommerce platforms and it will not only be explored as a mere mobile extension of these platforms.

IDC expects many types of mobile app providers to incorporate commerce functions in 2014, ranging from communications to social networking to gaming apps and more focused mCommerce apps. This, in turn, may help topple the dominance or near-monopolies of existing eCommerce players.

6. Technology and web-based giants will move into adjacent business areas signaling a new wave of business disruption

The increasingly globalized, interconnected and borderless world has opened up countless new possibilities and paved the way for new Over-the-Top Providers (OTTPs), content media providers, web giants and many new age cloud providers to become the new ICT champions. IDC believes that 2014 will mark the beginning of the emergence of the "service provider of the future" as telecom service providers, web giants and OTTPs take the first tentative steps towards capturing new types of business opportunities.

7. Internet of Things will revolutionize products and business models

In 2014, Asia Pacific will start to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), with the groundwork being laid to fundamentally change the way that cities function, industries operate, companies compete, employees work and consumers live. The core technologies that will support this evolution are tried and tested, including the modules, networks and platforms that underpin the Internet of Things.

However, in 2014, IDC anticipates much of the innovation that drives the industry forward not to come from the traditional vendors, but rather the entrepreneurial new IoT application vendors and analytics companies that will find new ways to leverage technology "products" and the data they capture to create the solutions that change the way we work and live. 

8. Partner community platforms will become the melting pots of business innovation

In 2014, IDC predicts the rising investment priorities of enterprises towards "ecosystem ICT" where technologies are harnessed from the enterprise to its partners and customers. Enterprises with business processes more aligned to "supply chain" other than manufacturing include healthcare, logistics, FMCG and oil and gas are ideal candidates for this transformative change.

In regions such as ASEAN where a market and economic integration initiative like AEC2015 is also driving towards a B2B2B operating model. IDC also expects the rise of B2B2C where enterprises (and governments) will carefully select customer experience tools to solicit consumer inputs to create new opportunities, stickiness and loyalty.


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