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Are Apple-specific threats on the rise?

Kacy Zurkus | Feb. 2, 2017
For Mac users, security is in the numbers

Just recently, the first Mac-specific malware of the year, Fruitfly, was discovered. "It looks like it’s been around for a while. We think it traces back to at least 2014 probably earlier than that, but we are not sure. We also found a piece of malware for Windows that looks similar. It can run in Linux as well. This is a more sophisticated threat than we’ve seen on the Mac in a while," Reed said.

Whether using a Mac or a PC, enterprises need to remember that in a targeted attack, the risks are equal. "Whether it’s a nation state or a malicious actor, if somebody is after your stuff, they are going to take over your system whether it’s one or the other," Wisniewski.

Enterprises should take steps to minimize their risk of Adware. "The first step is to be vigilant, and carefully inspect what you’re installing and read all fine print. Educate yourself or your employees on how to recognize junk before you agree to download it," Dufour said.

Installing antivirus software will also help to mitigate the risk of Adware. "Traditionally, anti-virus software is built to detect and remove viruses and other serious malware, but some do protect against Adware and PUAs. Anti-virus technology will further bolster protection against Adware, especially when end user education falls short," Dufour said.


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