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Apple’s iPhone 7 gets even closer to the desktop

Jonny Evans | July 20, 2016
The iPhone that thinks it's a Mac

Wireless charging, Bluetooth headphones and haptic virtual buttons will define these products as they shrink. Eventually your iPhone will be your Apple Watch and you'll wear a display on your sleeve. But I digress: I think it may be wisest to advise iPhone users to avoid buying headphones this side of September, given the strong and persistent claims the company plans to eradicate the port and ship Lightning EarBuds. The benefit will be a much more waterproof iPhone.

Battery life

A larger battery? 9to5 notes OnLeaks' claim that iPhone 7 will carry a 1,960mAh battery, rather than the 1,715mAh battery found in the iPhone 6s. It's hard to tell how much additional battery life this will provide in normal use as we don't know how much power the new processor and other device components will require.

So, what do we have?

The iPhone 7 will be the latest articulation of the Apple smartphone. Based on what we saw at WWDC, software watchwords will include consistency, compatibility and - most of all - Continuity.

The connected core of Apple's ecosystem, the smartphone will let you logically work with any of the company's products in the most productive way, even as intelligence migrates from the device and, iteration by iteration, into the environment.

Apple Watch is the future of the Mac, and iPhone is the prophet of such change. The hardware will remain true to the essential focus of the product - it will still look like an iPhone, but an increasingly waterproof version, shorn of a few more ports and moving parts. What's really critical is that the processors used inside these devices will soon be credible on other platforms - and that's going to change everything.

What else do we know?

  • In previous episodes of the iPhone 7 speculation game, we've learned to expect the following:
  • Thinner (6.1mm and 6.3mm thin, half the thickness of iPhone 1)
  • We may see wireless charging a la Apple Watch.
  • Almost unbreakable - hard body, much harder glass
  • Water resistant core - internal components may be carried inside an enclosed System on Chip container as used inside Apple Watch.
  • Some claim it will be available in gold, rose gold, silver and space gray, but no black.

I guess we can expect to learn lots more this fall, when the company will also introduce all the new software it spoke about at WWDC.

Source: Computerworld


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