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Apple Mail 7 review: Small updates don't offset big headaches

Nathan Alderman | Nov. 4, 2013
The latest version of the feels dated, and it can be problematic if you use Gmail.

I've always used POP mail with Gmail, and I've experienced no problems under Mavericks, save for the same sluggish initial message downloading that plagued me under Lion and Mountain Lion. I fired up my old Yahoo account over IMAP as a test, and its hundred-plus alarming spam messages promptly showed up the first time I manually checked mail afterward.

Still, if Kissell's accounts of IMAP misbehavior are any judge, you'd think Apple would have put a bit more effort into making sure its mail client actually worked with the most common means of accessing one of the world's most popular and widely used email providers.

Bottom line
Among email clients, Apple Mail was always the equivalent of white bread: a little bland, but friendly and comforting. However, it's gotten a little stale over the years, if not slightly moldy. If Apple wants to keep up with the host of impressive, innovative email clients cropping up for the Mac, it will need to spend more time baking up something fresh.


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