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Analytics is the bloodline of digital businesses: Marcio Dobal, SAS

Yogesh Gupta | June 6, 2017
Analytics on the edge will be the flavor of the analytics market says Marcio Dobal, Senior Region VP, APAC, at SAS.

While majority of our business are still attributed to big corporations, the new technology platform SAS Viya will open the doors at the entry level. Viya is a modern, open platform that conquers analytics challenges - from experimental to mission-critical - with smart algorithms. SAS Viya is a single, cloud-ready environment which is open source based that serves data scientists to businesses to app developers. Our existing customers can extend their analytics journey with Viya as natural extension. But smaller companies less mature on analytics can move to Viya which allows them to be elastic and start small on cloud environment. 

This year in APAC, we are implementing inside sales and a robust program of channels. SAS historically has not been overly friendly to channels mainly because of the sophistication of its technology. But some products like visualization tools are more manageable for channels, hence we building a channel structure supported by contact centers to feed leads into the ecosystem. The channels need support from us in terms of handfed them with training, leads and other initiatives. We expect more business to come from non-traditional market space over next couple of years with channel business contributing a significant portion.


What do you prescribe as dos and don'ts for CIOs and CDOs on their analytics journey.

First, try to understand the benefits of analytics. Seeking the right answers to the line of questions and the value that data can bring into IT infra. Hence education of the market becomes critical. CIOs should refrain from big-bang approach as there are pockets of departments and functions as the first obvious choice for analytics. Start the roll over in baby steps and I would recommend for CIOs to not stay put. If you are not over confident especially with the limited talent pool available, CIOs should start small in their analytics journey.

In the end, the analytics journey is all about education and awareness and importantly start the journey even if start small.


What according to you will be the three big trends in analytics and BI domain in next couple of years?

IoT is reality today as we have done fairly large deals in Japan as an example. Analytics at the edge will come to the fore because of the unavailability of the storage space for large amount of data. The company can process everything with large of processing power with cognitive over next three to five years but there is not enough network and disk space for every inch of data to be stored and analyzed for better business benefit.

That data is collected in all forms from all sorts of sources ranging from smart meters to oil rigs to airplanes. That's opportunity for us to help customers to decide what data is needed and how it can be analyzed for better business outcomes. The sophistication of cloud computing too will fuel the generation of data.


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