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Analytics is the bloodline of digital businesses: Marcio Dobal, SAS

Yogesh Gupta | June 6, 2017
Analytics on the edge will be the flavor of the analytics market says Marcio Dobal, Senior Region VP, APAC, at SAS.


There is good opportunity for batch analytics but the sexy portion will be the 'right there, right then' analytics at the edge that will lend a huge competitive differentiator for companies.


Marcio Dobal, Senior Region Vice President, Asia & Pacific, SAS

The smart decision largely depends on the software's algorithm and the extensive data in the system. For example, pushing a special offer on customer's smartphone in a supermarket or offering a car insurance to a person seeking home loan in bank branch. It is about 'when do you act and at what price'.  There is a good opportunity for batch analytics but the sexy portion of analytics will be 'right there, right then' at the edge, lending a huge competitive differentiator for companies.


What do CIOs and CTOs of modern businesses expect from technology vendors like SAS? Has analytics moved beyond RoI - TCO?

They expect as much help as possible from us though we are not uber experts like the key stakeholders running their business. But I think with 40 years of analytics experience behind us, customers expect a good amount of industry expertise from us.  SAS has always been historically focused and strong on business side than only on the tech side. But especially non-analytics customers expect guidance in relation to their business and that's the big help we can give because we have seen most of use cases.

There is certain level of knowledge we can transfer from one situation to another. Providing the 'hit and run' tool to customers and then approach them only during annual renewals does not fly anymore. Today, it's all about partnering with your customers and helping them with their business decisions.

Customers are expecting vendors to share some amount of risk in terms of completion of the projects maybe even paying on demand. For example we have an offering like result as a service.

Marcio's bucket list for CIOs' analytics journey


Try to understand the benefits of analytics and the value that data can bring into your business.


Refrain from big-bang approach to avoid the possible project failure.



Start the roll over in baby steps with few departments as the first obvious choice.


It is all about education and importantly start the journey even if you start small.














Would the company's predominant focus on enterprise segment trickle down to SMBs.  Do you see analytics move to the cloud across this small and medium businesses?


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