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Analytics for the rest of us

Thornton May | Oct. 23, 2014

And yet that is what must happen. In analytics, real value is achieved only when workers take action in real life. In most companies, the part of the analytic process in which insight induces actual action in the workplace is all but forgotten. Analysts provide the insight but then presume that executives will take appropriate action. That gap has to be closed up.

And so the big question about big data is, How can we initiate the behavioral changes that are needed? Stanford professor B.J. Fogg posits that for any behavior to occur, three components must be present: motivation, ability and a trigger. Most analytic initiatives only focus on creating the trigger — the insight. The worker has to be motivated and have the ability to act on that insight for analytic value to happen.

What is your organization doing to change behavior around analytics?


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