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An app-etite for success in the digital economy in 2017 and beyond

Martin Mackay, President and General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies | Jan. 31, 2017
To meet the ever-growing demands of customers, companies must be “built to change” by putting software at the center of everything they do.

 Agile: More than a methodology or toolset, Agile is a philosophy to redefine how work is planned, executed and serviced to deliver more value to customers, more rapidly. To deliver a smooth, well-designed and reliable experience for customers, businesses need to have the capability to monitor how systems are performing at any given point on the potential impact of any problem. This allows the team to constantly refine the interface design and enhance the customer experience.

 DevOps: One of the key benefits of introducing DevOps (both from a process and culture point of view) is that it removes silos within the company and therefore eliminates the dependence on the availability of an individual person or team in order for software delivery to progress. Businesses must unify their development and operations teams to deliver breakthrough applications that maximise customer experience.

 Security: As we notice our customers' businesses moving increasingly to a hybrid IT environment where cloud and on premise applications co-exist, it is clear that an identity-centric security strategy is essential. Security is not just a challenge to businesses for data and reputation protection. It can be an opportunity to win customer loyalty and boost employee productivity, especially with identity-centric security that supports provision of the right people with seamless access to the right data at the right time.

 Mainframe: Mission critical systems for many of the most advanced companies run on mainframes. They support thousands of applications and devices simultaneously for thousands of users. The mainframe is a powerful ally in terms of supporting and unlocking business value. It can help businesses deliver applications and services with the transparency, availability and reliability customers have come to expect. Mainframes eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes for mission-essential applications. As IT leaders start evaluating the costs and effort to achieve dependability, they are realising that today's mainframes actually offer surprising opportunities in delivering economic and agility advantages.

The message is clear: organisations both big and small are betting on digital transformation. This is the challenge we must all set ourselves. Change is the onlyconstant, and it applies to how businesses are run. For a company to be built to last, it must first and foremost be built to change.


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