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Allianz Insurance cuts software release times with Jenkins continuous delivery tools

Matthew Finnegan | Dec. 12, 2016
Allianz Insurance plans to reduce the time taken to deploy code for its Java-based line of business and web-facing applications.

He adds that "the consequence of that is that the business gets throughput".

"We can make web modifications much more quickly, you can launch new products more quickly, you can launch propositions more quickly."

The use of Jenkins is part of a wider move to a devops methodology within Allianz. "We are continuing to look at agile and devops. You don't have to do agile and devops to get benefits out of continuous deployment and continuous integration [but] you get more benefit if you do."

However, Jenkins is just one element of the approach. "So step one is to put Jenkins over the top and automate some of the processes, step two is to get a more integrated, better continuous integration/continuous delivery environment, and step three is looking at agile and how we can improve the way we work in a devops fashion."

Rates says that Allianz is not currently using Jenkins to automatically push code into production.

"With something like Jenkins or a continuous integration environment you could press a button at the beginning, automatically deploy the code through environments and automatically, assuming it is part of a set of criteria, take it into production. We don't do that. We take it to the end point of user acceptance testing or preproduction environments and then the end process requires an extra set of authorisations."

In future Jenkins could be used for production code, but only for certain purposes.

"I think it very much depends on the environment in which we are operating and what it is we are migrating through. From my point of view, from a line of business system, no, but for a web environment where we were loading brochureware pages or changes in look and feel, yes absolutely."


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