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Aliyun and BGI revolutionise life sciences

Anuradha Shukla | Feb. 29, 2016
Launch cloud-based genome analytics engine.

BGI Genomics has launched a genome analytics engine using Aliyun cloud computing.

The beta version of this engine, BGI Online, is the first large-scale bioinformatics analysis platform on Aliyun.

BGI Online is an important milestone towards sequencing an individual human genome within 24 hours, and is an outcome of an agreement signed in October 2015.

Aliyun, Intel Corporation and BGI joined hands last year to develop the first cloud solutions for precision medicine in the Asia Pacific.

"2016 will see a revolution in life sciences and the exponential growth of new businesses based on data," said Simon Hu, president of Aliyun. "Genomics will soon intersect with precision medicine. Aliyun will continue to promote innovation to address new challenges in data processing, analysis and storage brought about by the explosive growth in life sciences."

Data analysis

BGI Online was developed to help researchers quickly obtain data, analyse, process and store it in a secure manner.

This platform integrates high-performance computing, secure networking and large-capacity storage, which allows data analysis, visualization and reporting on the cloud.

This capability allows researchers to obtain actionable insights quickly and easily. In addition, they can share both data and results easily with other authorised users.

Doctors and researchers can outsource the complexities of network security, data processing and hardware maintenance to focus more on solving scientific mysteries.

"Our goal is to complete sequencing, analysis and interpret a person's entire genome in 24 hours through our BGISEQ-500 sequencer and BGI Online platform. Though this is an enormous challenge, the value to life is well worth the effort," said Ye Yin, CEO of BGI Genomics. "This work will give China sustainable growth opportunities in life sciences over the next few decades. Wish more talents in cloud computing and bioinformatics area could join us to make it happen earlier."


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