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Agents of Change: HP

Jack Loo | Jan. 29, 2013
Singapore’s IDA unveiled its Infocomm Technology Roadmap outlining nine technology trends that will shape the future. We asked various enterprise IT heavyweights for their perspectives on the Roadmap, and next up, we have HP.

Take, for example, an airline company which needs to quickly roll out an attractive promotion, while avoiding any server crash due to a high volume of customers accessing its website to sign up for the promotion.

With HP's Converged Cloud offerings, the airline company can easily templatise its virtual machine resources. The company can simply choose or input the sizing, then click on a template provided for auto provisioning of resources.

For the provisioning of applications on top of these resources, HP Cloud Maps reduce the time needed to understand the loading capability and designing the environment from months to hours. For instance, in designing for 10,000 Microsoft Exchange users, the type of architecture needed, sizing or amount of hardware to support the application and database can be automatically designed with HP's cloud maps.

HP's ability to provide hybrid delivery allows for seamless cloud bursting into another cloud environment or open-source model, should there be a sudden peak in demand, or even if resources are over provisioned.

Comms of the Future

HP offers a comprehensive mobility solution to help people easily switch between environments, such as between work, home and play, while attaining uninterrupted access to communication, information and entertainment. This solution spans access devices, platform, network, integration and printing.

For devices, we are introducing the HP ElitePad 900 business tablet that comes with enterprise security and features such as Smart Jackets that provide an integrated keyboard, connectivity ports, SD card reader and more connectivity ports to get heavy duty work done even when on the go. There is also a tablet pen to write messages and notes directly on the screen and then save or convert to typed text for use in other applications. Making it rugged for travels is its military-grade durability for drops, vibration, dust, temperature extremes and high altitude.

At the same time, it is sleek, light and enables the user to switch between the office, external meetings and home easily without having to change or sync too many devices. There is also the HP ENVY x2, a hybrid laptop that provides the convenience and functionality of both tablet and laptop in one device.

Additionally, we are enabling seamless connectivity between computing and printing possible outside of the office environment. For instance, users can simply scan the wireless network without requiring an Internet connection by using a wireless direct print feature. HP has made this feature available even for its entry-level inkjet printers.

HP is also providing solutions, services and support across the entire mobile value chain for multiple device types. These include ensuring that all managed devices are configured to comply with corporate guidelines, security, infrastructure, application management as well as the provision of device and service monitoring and advanced troubleshooting.


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