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Agents of Change: HP

Jack Loo | Jan. 29, 2013
Singapore’s IDA unveiled its Infocomm Technology Roadmap outlining nine technology trends that will shape the future. We asked various enterprise IT heavyweights for their perspectives on the Roadmap, and next up, we have HP.

4) HP Proactive Care for SAP

This optimises an infrastructure running SAP solutions, enabling faster analysis of large amounts of data, including application trend analysis, capacity planning and measurement of system resource utilisation.

HP is also providing HP Business Analytics Services where skilled professionals analyse both structured and unstructured data using proven best practices and methodologies to offer actionable insights for clients.

With the rise of big data, organisations are experiencing capacity, performance and scalability issues with traditional network attached storage (NAS) systems. To address these challenges, HP is also offering the HP StoreAll Storage that can tame and mine Big Data, enable ultra-fast search and value extraction at 100,000 times faster - 500 million files in 1.4 seconds instead of 42 hours - and lower costs of storing data over time. This is a hyper scalable platform that can accommodate up to 16 petabytes (PB) of data.

More organisations will understand that making meaningful sense out of all the diverse information is not merely about search or storing. The context must be understood to grasp the meaning of the information. They will also see that legacy approaches to big data-which rely on outdated information architecture, infrastructure and analytics-are not capable of cost effectively scaling and processing oceans of information collected particularly in unstructured data in real time.

Additionally, Big Data will give rise to a need for 'data artists' or talent who can ask the right questions and combine information in innovative, different ways to gain better insights.

Big Data will also require automation. There is no point in getting insights out of data if these cannot be acted upon quickly. Data centre automation-from infrastructure to middleware to applications-will be key to ensuring that decisions can be effectively and swiftly executed as well as monitored appropriately.  

More than enabling targeted marketing, there are various industries that will find the ability to effectively tap and analyse Big Data very useful. For instance, through customer surfing patterns, telco providers can take appropriate actions such as offering promotions to extend customer loyalty.

In the area of healthcare, Big Data crunching and analysis may help to speed up the finding of cures for diseases as well as prevent disease outbreaks.

Financial services and retail companies can better understand customer behaviour and develop differentiated ways to increase their share of wallet.

Additionally, governments can leverage Big Data analytics to better understand public sentiment as well as enhance traffic and resource management among others.

One large source of Big Data is machine logs. These are logs from network devices, firewalls, access devices, printers, applications and others. HP's Big Data solutions enable network operation teams to tame and mine large amounts of data to detect patterns of behaviour as well as predict service outage and performance problems before they happen.


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