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Agents of Change: HP

Jack Loo | Jan. 29, 2013
Singapore’s IDA unveiled its Infocomm Technology Roadmap outlining nine technology trends that will shape the future. We asked various enterprise IT heavyweights for their perspectives on the Roadmap, and next up, we have HP.

In late August 2012, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) unveiled the latest edition of its Infocomm Technology Roadmap (ITR) to chart technology trends that will figure strongly in three to five years.

Computerworld Singapore is taking the opportunity to set the ITR as the foundation layer for its year-ahead feature. Heavyweights in the enterprise IT space are talking about their perspectives on the Roadmap; the industry developments and customer demands that they foresee happening in the specific themes that these technology giants operate in.

In the ninth part of a regular feature, HP is talking about its 2013 product and services roadmap, industry developments, customer demands and case study scenarios. The spokesperson is Narinder Kapoor, Vice President and General Manager, HP Enterprise Group, South East Asia.

narinder kapoor HP

Big Data

When you look at data, most of it, in fact 90 percent, is made of "human information". Such unstructured data includes emails, audio, video, social networking, blogs, call centre conversations, machine-generated sensor data and more. And the volume of the world's "digital universe" is expected to reach eight zettabytes by 2015, making the storage and management of data a massive challenge.

Organisations are not just bogged down by data overload. They need to sieve out the relevant details that enable them to understand their customers better, enhance the customer experience, discover potential growth opportunities faster and optimise their business cost structure.

According to new research conducted on behalf of HP, 53 percent of business executives reported that their organisations are not equipped with the right solutions to gain insights from Big Data, and only 15 percent of executives said their organisations currently incorporate unstructured data into their enterprise insights, processes and strategy.

Against this backdrop, HP is offering a range of Information Optimization solutions to help organisations manage, understand and act upon the variety, velocity and volume of Big Data to drive maximum 'Return on Information'.

New and/or enhanced solutions include:

1) Expanded HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop solution

This provides organisations the ability to rapidly configure, deploy and manage large Hadoop clusters, enabling them to focus on extracting insight from their data, rather than spend time on engineering the infrastructure platform.

2) Enhanced HP Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1

It enables enterprises to optimise and monetise Big Data with analytics packs, performance enhancements, enhanced integration with Hadoop and simplified Amazon EC2 cloud deployments-all at hyperspeed and massive scale.

3) The HP Telco Big Data and Analytics solutions

These enable communication service providers (CSPs) to transform data from a variety of sources, including subscribers' experience and preferences, into actionable intelligence. Leveraging HP's Big Data analytics software, as well as HP's consulting, research, information management and business intelligence experience, HP Telco Big Data and Analytics enable CSPs to manage, analyse and use business-relevant structured and unstructured data. 


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