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Agents of Change: Accenture

Jack Loo | Jan. 23, 2013
Singapore’s IDA unveiled its Infocomm Technology Roadmap outlining nine technology trends that will shape the future. We asked various enterprise IT heavyweights for their perspectives on the Roadmap, and first up, we have consulting firm Accenture.

Businesses are beginning to understand that security is not an IT problem. Rather, it is a business risk issue. We see companies rethinking their security strategies to balance the threats and opportunities inherent in new technologies.

Social Media

Accenture has the capabilities and assets to help our clients with their social media strategy, monitor and analyse the social network as well as provide guidance on governance.

The usage of social media has extended beyond marketing to providing services. For example, Citibank uses Twitter to manage customer feedback. In addition, social media has become the means for user contributed/generated content. Home Depot leverages social media to enable its customers to share information and tips on home DIY related matters. South Asian companies are leveraging social networks to better connect with customers, to better collaborate with business partners, and to improve knowledge sharing among employees.

Social media is increasing the exposure between employees and customers and partners. This trend is putting additional focus on communication guidelines, as every employee is now an unofficial ambassador for the company.

Digital and social influences have forever changed the expectations of both customers and employees. It has affected the speed at which customers expect to be serviced. This new age requires that companies deal with customers on their terms including when, where and how they want, and it requires that the interaction be relevant to the situation and their needs at the time.

Accenture is helping companies leverage on social media to engage their customers and employees. We have seen one organisation leverage social media and gamification to increase brand awareness, and combined a social media event with location-based services to drive customer traffic to specific venues. While the engagement model is novel, the power is in the analytics that are behind this programme, allowing for personalised services, and customer incentives based on actual participation and buying behaviours.

New Digital Economy

To help our clients ride the digital wave, Accenture provides strategic consulting services in areas such as mobility, analytics and cloud computing. We recently completed our South Asia research on helping customers and businesses catch and leverage the Digital Wave.

In the new digital economy, more services including government services for their citizens will be made available over the Internet. To compete, businesses will need to add more services online to serve their non-stop customers.

Customers today value and expect personalised, proactive, predictive, participative and partnership-based services. How businesses offer the next generation customer experience will become a key differentiator in winning customer loyalty and share of wallet in the increasingly competitive market place.

A budget airline which has mastered the mobile platform allows consumers to browse for flights and special offers, book tickets, and even check-in via their app. The airline has also released Android and BlackBerry versions of the app, taking into account the diversity of mobile hardware being used in the region.


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