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Adopting cognitive-first mindsets: the first step in driving artificial intelligence success

Mark Armstrong | July 13, 2017
Gathering and analysing data alone isn’t enough to drive true AI.

Cognitive application development, predictive analytics and machine learning build on top of layers of existing technologies and applications to make them more powerful. And this is what will power true AI use cases.


Cognitive-first mindset can’t sit in silos

Ensuring that all parts of the business understand that they must think cognitive-first will truly help accelerate AI developments. CMOs, CFOs, and COOs need to ensure a cognitive-first mindset is at the heart of their operations and decisions.

Cognitive capabilities should be built-in to every piece of technology used by the business, whether for internal or customer-facing purposes.

The earlier cognitive capabilities are integrated, the more connected the business will be, and the smarter the platform will become, delivering AI-enabled solutions and insights.

Cross-collaboration within the business is vital, and must be advocated by a strong leadership team, ensuring seamless cognitive capabilities and communication across the entire organisation.

Personal computers transformed industries and powered people with tools that amplified creativity and productivity. The Internet connected us all together. Mobile and tablets have given us all of that power in our hands, and now it’s time for cognitive computing and AI to power Australian businesses’ next stage of growth.


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