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Adobe Audition CC: solid upgrade hampered by subscription pricing

Christopher Breen | July 15, 2013
Adobe's audio editor, Audition CC, offers compelling new features making it a worthy update, but it should not be tied to Creative Cloud's subscription model.

Other additions to multitrack view include the ability to assign different colors to each track. Because Auditions interface conforms to Adobes tiny-tabs-and-text style, its often difficult to make out a tracks name. But color coding makes it easier, so you know that Bob the Bass Player is blue, Dirk the Drummer is red, and Tom the Tuba Player is orange. And when you drag a clip from one track to another, it adopts that tracks color.

As with GarageBand, you can now merge clips within a track into a single clip, making repositioning its contents easier. Also, when you drag multiple clips into the multitrack view, you have the choice to place them in individual tracks or have them arranged sequentially in the same track. When you drag in those clips, you no longer see only a vertical orange bar indicating where the clips will land, but rather waveform previews of each clip. As you drag clips over existing material within a track, Audition will add cross-fades where the clips collide (and you can see previews of those cross-fades as you position your clips).

And more
With Audition CC you can now edit your saved favorites. So you can, for example, remove an effect from a favorite that includes multiple effects or make an adjustment to the effects within the favorite. A Frequency Band Splitter allows you to split a track into frequency bands (say, all the material that lives from 20Hz to 60Hz). If youre a DJ interested in extracting the drum and bass material from a recording and using it for your own ends, this is helpful. You can export your files directly to SoundCloud. And a new Loudness Radar feature allows you to see the perceived volume (according to human hearing rather than metering) of your tracks and then adjust them to a particular audio standard.

Now, about money
Adobes decision to move to a subscription-only model with Creative Cloud has been argued up one side of the Internet and down the other. My thoughts on the worthiness of this model are not appropriate here. However, I do think it worthwhile to say that in the case of Audition, Adobe should additionally offer it for sale as a single application.

Although Audition will be a great help to video editors as part of Creative Cloud, this is only a segment of Auditions audience. Those sound designers, radio producers, audio editors, and podcasters I mentioned will benefit greatly from it, but most dont need Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, or the scads of other tools available as part of the $50-per-month CC subscription. And unless audio is your living, $20 a month until the end of time for just Audition is too steep.


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