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Adatao bridges the gap between data scientists and normal people

Matt Rosoff | Aug. 14, 2014
Adatao is the latest in a big wave of startups promising to make business intelligence easier and more accessible for the masses, but the company stands out in a few ways -- most notably, it tries to bridge the gap between non-technical business professionals and the data scientists that many companies employ to make sense of the massive flood of data pouring in.

The company began selling its product last December, and already claims a handful of Fortune 100 companies as pilot customers, including one telecom (Nguyen wouldn't say who) that has used Adatao to shorten a particular product cycle from 6 months to one week.

Nguyen says the company is focusing primarily on these big customers, who typically are already using Hadoop and just want a better way to visualize and run queries against the data there. To reach smaller customers, the company will work with partners who deliver data services and have been "screaming for apps" to run on top of them.

Andreessen-Horowitz partner Peter Levine will join Adatao's board of directors as a result of the investment. It's notable that the firm has led a number of other early investments into companies with a similar business intelligence focus, including Tidemark and Good Data. They're all taking slightly different approaches, and solving slightly different problems, but the basic underlying goal is the same: Helping businesses see, understand, and use more the information they're collecting.


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