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Accelerate your digital transformation: Fundamentals of modern-day customer engagement

Jennifer O'Brien | Sept. 21, 2016
Technology is no longer about numbers on a report or spreadsheet - it is about touching and reaching your customers (whenever and wherever they are)

“At the moment in technology most companies are facing a rogue wave. We have all had systems for recording and reporting forever, but the problem is the new world requires us to use that information in news ways, and often in more real-time than we ever have in the past. . . Now you need to be able to respond to threats and pressures that you weren’t needing to before,” he said.

Think of the bigger picture, he urged. “You need to take all the money out of running your business into investing it in new innovation and new responses. You also have to build some really clever, really high-speed analytics systems to be able to inform the other two systems to make them better. So it really is an exciting time to be in technology, but it is very hard,” he said.

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“For technology to survive in the future - where it is buying services, it is touching customers - it has got to deliver outcomes overnight. Te technology teams need the tools to be able to make sense of that world. If you have such a sophisticated, multi-touch, multi-tenant world, you need the tools to be able to make sense of that and de-risk it.”

Digital demands - the future requires agility, speed and certainty:

-IT must deliver reliable compute power from multiple sources

-IT must be able to see through clouds and across networks to understand performance

-IT must feel the impact at the touchpoint of the customer to get a real view of performance

-IT must be able to respond to new threats with pace and agility

-IT must keep everyone and their data safe.

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