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Accelerate your digital transformation: Fundamentals of modern-day customer engagement

Jennifer O'Brien | Sept. 21, 2016
Technology is no longer about numbers on a report or spreadsheet - it is about touching and reaching your customers (whenever and wherever they are)

Today, customer engagement has advanced to become a one-on-one interaction, tailored to meet the needs of an individual customer, where companies can track and monitor customers and target them as individuals.

“We have moved from a world of mass marketing to segmentation to now being targeted one-on-one. As customers start to interact with your businesses more directly through apps and online, that makes sense because now you are tracking their actual behaviour, not just their purchases - tracking their actual interactions, not just their outcomes. That means the ability to act and respond based on their behaviour becomes more important because it is becoming the new normal.”

Steps to success

So how can IT leaders stay ahead of the curve and be competitive? Harvey said companies need to deliver experiences for customers that are context-aware, using location data in order to give customers “something that is relevant,” and not based on previous behaviour.

He said “supply chain worlds needs to change,” whereby the delivery and fulfilment mechanisms evolve to become much more effective and efficient, where systems transform to intelligently determine which products need to go where and when.

“The game is being disrupted and changed and your companies - based on however you fulfil things - have to think about how they take the costs and the inefficiencies out of your supply chain to fulfil target markets of one.”

He suggested companies embrace analytics, which is not just about understanding customers, but understanding the business, the supply chain, and the processes so they can be constantly improved and refined.

“It is giving that information to both your customer touch points, but also your supply chain and your processes so that you can inform and improve those in real-time,” he said.

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“How do I use my data to make my processes and my customer interactions better? You have to make sure that all of your processes are constantly feeding data, which means you have to engineer your systems to gather data - not just to fulfill process needs, which is something we are not uniquely designed or refined for.”

Real-time insights

Certainly, in the push towards digital transformation, IT leaders need real-time operational insights into application performance, user experience and business outcomes, agreed AppDynamics, vice-president of market development and insights, Jonah Kowall, who discussed how digital transformation requires visibility to ensure velocity.

Transitioning an enterprise to the digital era is more than just signing on the dotted line. It requires an organisation-wide effort to prepare and invest in tools and services that enables the transformation and help companies measure impact of poor user experience.


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