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8 telltale signs of a bad data scientist

Andrew C. Oliver | March 3, 2016
Was that a unicorn? No, it was a perfect data scientist. You won't find that person, but you can find a great hire -- if they don't suffer from these maladies

6. No understanding of business problems

You really can't hire a person who reiterates all of the business in math or statistical terms to your data scientist, who then "solves" problems. Why? Because if person A knows how to do all that, he or she probably knows enough to describe that in an algorithm to a computer. Why do you need person B?

7. No familiarity with the tools of the trade

There is SAS. There is R. There is Scala. There is Python. There is Matlab and a bevy of other tools. If you don't see those on the resume, then that person probably isn't a data scientist.

8. The SAS-only syndrome

With all due respect for my friends in the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees(Cary, N.C.), it seems like all two-bit SAS developers have rebranded themselves "data scientists." But that doesn't mean they know anything about data science (aka, knowing how to read the data) except how to write SAS code.

What sort of person do you need? You need an individual with the specific skills to address the problem and augment the existing technology team: a mathematician with programming and analytics experience, business sense, and the ability to talk to CEOs and techs alike. Now, don't go chasing unicorns -- but don't settle for chumps, either.

Good luck; you're going to need it. How competitive is it to snag someone good? Try this experiment: Add "data scientist" to your LinkedIn profile and watch a million recruiters shower you with offers of riches.

Source: Infoworld 


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