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8 'side doors' for importing images into Photos for OS X and iOS

Lesa Snider | May 8, 2015
OS X and iOS are very wise. They know full well that you'll encounter files you want to import into Photos in several places on your Mac and iOS devices, including from within other apps. In this column, you'll discover several convenient sidedoors into Photos that work whether the program is running or not.

From within any program that lets you select an image, click it and then copy it to your Mac's clipboard by choosing Edit > Copy. Launch the Preview app and choose File > New. When you do, the contents of your Mac's clipboard — the image you just copied — is pasted into a new Preview document. Click the Share icon in Preview's toolbar and choose Add to Photos.

This works for importing headshots into Photos from the Contacts app, too. In Contacts, click an image associated with one of your records and choose Edit > Copy and then follow the instructions above. The resulting images are visible at the end of the All Photos album, but you'll find them in Photos view, too, in the moment based on the date and time you created the Preview document.

Scanning into Photos. If you use Apple's Image Capture utility (it's in your Applications folder), you can scan into Photos. Whenever your scanner is plugged into your Mac, or available wirelessly on your network, Image Capture recognizes it and summons its own scanning software, which just happens to contain a Scan To menu that includes Photos (circled here).

On your iOS device

You can also import goodies into Photos for iOS using other iOS apps. Many iOS apps sport their own Share icon that you can use to save the image to your device, which plops it into that device's Photos library. On the other hand, if you're the lucky recipient of a picture or video in the Mail or Messages app, simply tap the file preview and then tap the Save Image icon that appears.

If you're surfing the web using Safari and you come across an image you want to save — say, an image of the couch, car or Man Cave of your dreams — tap and hold your finger down atop the image and from the menu that appears, tap Save Image.

As you can see, there are several ways to get your stuff into Photos. Until next time and may the creative force be with you all!


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