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52% in AP have enterprise social tools

F.Y. Teng | Nov. 22, 2012
The quoted Microsoft-sponsored IDC report says that organisations in the region have investments in enterprise social technologies higher on their priority lists than those in core networks, cloud computing and business intelligence.

Responses to the latest Enterprise Social Survey done by customised research firm IDC indicate that organisations in Asia/Pacific (including the geographies ASEAN, Australasia and Korea) have placed greater investment priority on enterprise social technologies than on cloud computing, business intelligence and their core networks.

According to IDC analysts working on this Microsoft-sponsored survey-which involved the interview of 352 key executives from medium and large enterprises across the region-at present, 52 percent of organisations in the Asia/Pacific have an enterprise social network in place, and 23 percent intend to have one set up in the next 18 months.

However, there are still some challenges that need to be overcome, they said. "Security, compliance, governance and lack of control are cited as the most important inhibitors to implement enterprise social," said Claus Mortensen, Director, Emerging Technology Research, IDC Asia/Pacific. "But it is not viable for companies to resist adoption as end-users may turn to Internet-based, consumer grade, and potentially less secure options. [So] organisations will need to educate themselves on the availability of solutions that also fulfill their IT requirements."

Microsoft executives believe that the rise in social technology adoption, as indicated by the IDC's Latest Enterprise Social Survey, is being driven by such "factors" as "a young workforce, early adoption of gadgets and social media as well as cultural trends such as relationship-focused business dealings."

"The rise of social media and networking is profoundly affecting the way organisations conduct their business and it's poised to be particularly impactful in Asia as enterprise encourage the sharing of ideas, rich conversations and deep collaboration, while empower employees," said Microsoft's Chief Marketing and Operations Officer for Asia, Todd Cione, on Tuesday.


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