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5 ways to make telecommuters and remote workers feel included

Sharon Florentine | June 20, 2014
Making remote workers feel like part of the team is one of the trickiest parts of management. However, by focusing on the right technology and on effective communication and personal interaction you can create a productive remote work scenario.

"One key element is to help all the players understand the eventual outcomes," he says. "What are we trying to accomplish? Where are we going as a company? How do I fit into that goal and that direction? If you're working from home, you don't have the watercooler talk, the chatty, stop-by-and-talk opportunities. So managers, especially, have to be much more focused on this type of communication and holistic updates," he says.

"A lot of this concept of 'inclusion' means workers being involved in decision making and driving outcomes for the business," Bellmar says. "You need to be able to engage your employees in all these discussions so that, regardless of where they're working from, they still feel part of the team and part of the organization," he says.


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