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5 ways to dump the junk in your Facebook News Feed

Kristin Burnham | July 14, 2015
Facebook's news feed algorithm, which determines the posts you see and the ones you don't, has been a work in progress -- and pain point for users -- for years. This week, the social network took another step toward giving back some control with a new set of preferences that dictate which friends and pages you want to see content from first.

If you don't want to scroll through your list of friends and pages within the News Feed Preferences page, use the search bar to navigate to their timeline. Click the Following button beside their profile picture at the top of their page, then select Unfollow.

Finally, you can unfollow a friend directly from a post in your news feed. Hover over the post and click Unfollow from the drop-down menu on the right.

3. View most recent

Facebook says that users' news feeds contain more than 1,500 stories every day. Facebook's algorithm does the work to determine, based on a number of factors, which posts are most important to you --and displays only the most relevant 10 percent, it says.

That means you're missing out on a lot of content --which you can change by switching your news feed view from Top Stories to Most Recent. This will show you everything in chronological order.

To find that option, click the drop-down menu that appears when you hover over the News Feed button on the left side. On mobile, tap the More option, then select Most Recent. Your news feed will reload to show you posts in chronological order.

4. Use lists

Friend lists are an easy way to view posts only from select people. To create a list--one for family members, for example --visit your Lists page. Find this on the left-side menu by clicking More next to the Friends subhead.

On the Lists page, click Create List, then assign it a name and add members. When you're finished, the list will appear on the left-side navigation under the Friends subhead. Click on the friend list to show updates in your news feed from only them.

5. Sort by pages feed

If you follow many news outlets, or subscribe to retailer pages for discounts and promotions, it might be useful to view these posts separately -- without the noise from your friends.

You'll find this option under the Pages subhead on the left-side navigation. Click Pages Feed to load content only from the pages you've liked.


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