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5 new gmail tips for power users

Kristin Burnham | May 16, 2013
Gmail's newest features include ways to search for old emails, quickly add meetings to your calendar, send large files and more. Here's a look at five of Google's latest email features to help you make the most of the popular Web-based service.

4. How to Use Advanced Search Queries in Gmail
It's easy to accumulate thousands of emails, and sometimes finding the one you're looking for can be difficult. In these instances, use Gmail's advanced query words to quickly find what you're looking for.

The newest query words Google added to its list include searches for a specific file size (search "size:5m" for a 5MB email) and searches for the email's age (search "older_than:1y" for emails sent more than a year ago).

You can find Gmail's entire list of operators here.

5. How to Add Multiple Inboxes to Gmail
"Multiple Inboxes," from Gmail Labs, is a feature that lets you add extra lists of emails in your inbox to see more at once. This could include, for example, labels, starred messages, drafts or any other search you want.

To enable this feature, visit your Settings page by clicking on the gear icon, then choose "Labs." Find "Add multiple inboxes," click "Enable," then "Save changes" at the bottom. When you return to Gmail, the page will refresh, displaying, for example, your inbox, starred items and drafts, all on one page.

To customize which inboxes you see, return to your settings page and click the "Multiple inboxes" tab. You can choose up to five panes to add to your main inbox view. You can also choose how many conversations per inbox you want to see and the positioning of the additional panes.


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