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5 (more) apps Apple should bring to Android

Michael Simon | Aug. 14, 2015
This fall is shaping up to be a big one for Apple. Along with the usual iPhone and iPad refreshes, new versions of iOS 9, OS X, and watchOS, a revamped Apple TV and possibly an iPad Pro, Apple is gearing up for a major release of an anticipated new product that most of Apple's fans won't be able to buy--and it'll have nothing to do with supply constraints.

Apple Watch

It's impossible to judge Apple Watch based on three measly months of sales. Over the next few years, Apple will revise and revamp Apple Watch, test various pricing tiers and expand its reach beyond Best Buy and the Apple Store, all in an effort to get it on as many wrists as possible. But no matter how many Watches Apple sells, it'll never be as successful as it could be--by tying it to the iPhone, Apple is inherently limiting the reach of its new wearable.

It's kind of like how it was with the iPod. Over the first year or so of its lifespan, critics were ready to eulogize it as another overpriced stumble, but once Apple opened it up to Windows users (first through Musicmatch and then through the superior iTunes for Windows), it was able to expand its reach without sacrificing any of what made it great. Opening up Apple Watch to Android users is one thing, but offering the same easy app installation and management would act as a sort of halo effect to lure people not just away from their Moto 360s but from the fractured Android experience as a whole.

Like Steve Jobs once said, "It would be like giving a glass of ice water to someone in Hell."


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