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5 easy ways to build an email list for your small business

Nathan Segal | March 1, 2013
The bigger your email list, the more potential customers you reach with each email. But building an email list can be a challenge for a small business owner. Fortunately, these five strategies require only your expertise and your time.

This call to action is important. The more people who visit your site from the ezine article, the more you will build your email list. You might want to test several variations, including different call to action text and different articles, to see which one is most effective.

3. Creating Short Videos Informs, Persuades Prospects

Another fast way to attract subscribers is to create informational videos. To get started, consider the 10x10x4 Content Creation Formula:

  • Write down the 10 most common questions people ask about your business and the 10 most important questions they should be asking.
  • Create 20 short videos-no more than three minutes-to address each one of those questions.
  • Create four more videos that focus on leading prospects into your sales funnel to purchase a product or sign up for your list.

In the description field of the video, place a link to your website, then the description and any relevant keywords. You can also use each video script as an article for the free ezine sites mentioned above and provide a link to your video within the article. Lastly, don't forget to create a content channel on a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo specifically for your business videos.

4. Helping LinkedIn Members Demonstrates Expertise

I recently built an email list of 70 subscribers in a single week just by answering questions posed in various LinkedIn groups for freelance writers. My answers directed users to a squeeze page where they signed up for my list in exchange for a free report.

Another option is to go a step further and create your own LinkedIn Group, where lets you act as the group moderator and answer questions. This is a great way of building community and generating subscribers. Be aware, though, that you'll need to stay on top of the site management, as groups can easily get inundated with spammers that are often difficult to spot.

5. Hosting Free Webinars Offers New Sales Opportunities

Webinars are a great way to generate interest, secure sales and build your list. During that one week of LinkedIn activity, I decided to give a webinar; 42 people subscribed, 16 attended and, at the end, I made four sales.

Popular webinar service offerings include GoToWebinar, anymeeting and MeetingBurner. Each has its own good and bad points. For example, I used MeetingBurner for my webinar. I liked using it, but I was unable to use a "Buy Now" button at the end of the webinar. I could only insert that into the chat box, which hampered my sales efforts.

I made up for it, though, by reusing the content. After the session, I converted the webinar into an MP4 file, posted it on YouTube and posted a link to the video in all the LinkedIn groups I was helping. This allowed me to make several additional sales.


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