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41 percent of Singapore workers multi-task during virtual meetings: ShoreTel

Anuradha Shukla | May 30, 2017
So how should organisations ensure that meetings are more productive and valuable to all attendees?

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Twenty percent of Singapore workers feel that their virtual meetings are only slightly productive or not productive at all.

Nearly half of them (41 percent) said they usually multi-tasks on calls, of which a third admitted to doing other work in virtual meetings, and around 1 in 10 workers said they did not participate at all.

These findings are part of ShoreTel's Build a Better Meeting survey, which canvassed the meeting habits and productivity preferences of nearly 500 respondents across Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

The survey also revealed that 1 in 5 Singapore workers wastes between 6 and 10 minutes setting up each virtual meeting.

More than half of Singapore's workforce claim this is because of a lack of clarity over conference technology or issues with bandwidth and the Internet.

Singapore workers were found to have generally good practices around meetings. Forty-five percent of them prepare an agenda in advance, and 83 percent spend under nine hours per month in meetings.

"Singapore's workforce does not spend the majority of their time in meetings, so these opportunities for collaboration are highly valuable to their organisations," said Frédéric Gillant, vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific for ShoreTel.

He added: "Despite many workers setting agendas and claiming to fully participate in meetings, there are clearly some issues to address in making sure technology enables effective meetings rather than inhibits them. Easy, modern unified communications technology and thoughtful meeting preparation are the keys to building better, more productive meetings that all attendees will find valuable."


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