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4 ways technology has changed recruitment -- for better (and worse)

Sarah K. White | March 16, 2017
Technology has influenced and changed the way recruiters and hiring managers do their jobs. Here are 4 ways tech is already impacting the hiring process.


More flexibility at the expense of control

Mills says it's been a difficult shift for businesses to give up a sense of control over the workforce. Even with the ability to hire workers from anywhere around the world that there's an internet connection, some businesses are still reluctant to embrace telecommuting.

But companies that can get comfortable with the new digital workforce stand to gain more in employee engagement. Mills says allowing employees the freedom to work however they work best - whether from home, in an office or from a coffee shop - creates a shift where employees start working from a position of "desired duty" instead of "required duty."

"This flexibility creates an overall sense of ownership; employees feel like they own their own career paths. The phrase 'pride of ownership' exists for a reason," he says.

Technology presents endless tools and resources for HR, and the best way to figure out how they can improve your hiring process is through trial and error, says Mills.

"Operate with a scientific methodology mindset. Observe, question, hypothesize, experiment and analyze. Look at sourcing new channels, try new regions, colleges or leveraging social to build mindset and trust. Break the mold of how you think recruiting should operate. Talk to advertising and PR agencies to help find new approaches. Just be smart about it," he says.


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