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30 years of PCWorld, 30 pivotal moments in PC history

Loyd Case | March 5, 2013
Talk about longevity. Thirty years ago to this month, PCWorld published its very first print issue, a 310-page magazine loaded with essential news, reviews, and features about IBM PCs and compatible "clones."


Apple unleashes the iPad: In contrast to Microsoft's drawn-out effort to develop iterations of its Tablet PC, Apple succeeds in dominating the tablet market overnight. The key: The iPad isn't a PC that acts as a tablet, but a pure tablet. It also gives users an incredibly simple way to buy low-cost apps, building a huge ecosystem of applications in a short time.


Intel launches Ultrabooks: Prompted by PC makers' failure to replicate the design success of Apple's MacBook Air, Intel establishes rough guidelines for ultraportable PCs, backing up the Ultrabook standard with a strong financial push, and helping PC companies design and build the laptops. Ultrabook sales figures prove to be a mixed bag, but ultrathin laptops are clearly here to stay.


Windows 8 debuts: Microsoft's most divisive OS since Windows 95, Windows 8 introduces the Microsoft Store for apps, and drops the Start menu in favor of a Start screen that occupies the entire display. It generates tremendous controversy, and users either love it or hate it.


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