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2017 will be the year of AI: alternative intelligence

Jenny Beresford | Feb. 8, 2017
Technology will be used to discern what is really happening in our world

As a CIO, you sit at the centre of that universe of data, orchestrating how it can be collected, analysed and disseminated. While that’s always been the case as we grew the capacity of IT, now that power is growing exponentially with every new ‘thing’ joining the IoT. With that power, your responsibility as an ethicist, an anthropologist, a gatekeeper and a business strategist grows in step.

Thirty percent of the most active Twitter accounts are bots

According to Pax Technica, a recent book by Philip N. Howard exploring the advantages and pitfalls of the IoT, seven percent of Twitter traffic is generated by five percent of Twitter accounts. Of those five percent, at least a third of users are believed to be machine bots, each tweeting more than 150 times a day.

These machine bots try to sell stuff, promote ideologies, sway sentiment, increase follower volumes or just generate noise. They are controlled by algorithms, triggered in response to the content of tweeted conversations. If your organisation isn’t already exploring the influence and spread of machine bots, start now.

Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, new data management technologies and IoT data are at the heart of the "intelligence" component of the modern digital platform

As the IoT connects and diffuses billions of things, data and sentiment across an ever expanding digital landscape, the CIO role ramps up yet another notch. This year, CIOs need to consider, adapt and prepare to take on increasing power, responsibility and complexity in an IoT and artificial intelligence enabled world.

CIOs must radically expand their vision, decision making and leadership capabilities to take advantage and keep pace. Get it wrong and the implications can be damaging for the business and your customers. Get it right and you can change the enterprise’s value.


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