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2014 forecast for cloud computing

Sharon Florentine, Thor Olavsrud | Jan. 2, 2014
Cloud computing has proven to be one of the great disruptive technologies of our time, and the effects of its increasing adoption and maturation will ripple out through 2014. Here are 10 predictions for how the cloud will impact IT in the coming year.

6. IT Increasingly Decentralizes

In 2014, the combination of cloud, mobility and M2M technologies will put pressure on IT to further decentralize as IT becomes core to every business function, Verizon predicts. IT will work more closely with individual business units and focus on developing tools for seamless process enablement that empower employees and customers.

Verizon predicts that the C-suite, lines of business and staff functions will increasingly take the lead role in engaging and deploying in the cloud as a result of the deployment speed, flexibility, control, cost value and big data analysis advantages they see.

As a result, IT will be integrated into financial performance planning and the lines between the IT department and finance will continue to blur as technology becomes the valued enabler rather than the end game.

"The consumerization of IT, the decentralization of IT, the adoption of cloud-they're all very closely linked," Considine says. "Cloud is attractive for the financials, but other the last few years we've refined that a bit to really capture the notion of agility."

7. The Cloud Delivers Software on Tap

While the cloud already provides the capability to rapidly build and deploy applications, better technology and faster response times will come into focus in 2014, providing even greater ability for organizations to get the resources and technology they want, on demand, where they want to get it, Considine says.

He notes that 2014 will see the cloud deliver truly enterprise class capabilities with higher value and more complex software and software building blocks available on demand.

"We see 2014 really driving that forward," he says. "You will be able to build very complex apps, very serious apps in the cloud."

8. Providers Add Gravity to the Cloud

In 2014, where mobile is the norm and rich media content is a given, the cloud flexes its muscles as the location where growing data volumes can be stored, accessed and analyzed on demand, according to Verizon. The company says adding software and services to the cloud will be a key focus for cloud providers as they duke it out for customers. New integrated cloud offerings will increasingly enable mashups of fixed and mobile networks; systems, ideas and solutions; people and things; and intelligence and information.

9. The Cloud Gets Intelligent

Organizations are increasingly focusing on leveraging their data to enhance decision-making, drive revenue, reduce costs and improve customer experiences, and 2014 will see cloud providers move strongly to support their customers in these efforts, Considine says.

In particular, as data gets even more distributed in terms of both consumers and devices, the notion of transforming data in the cloud, and not tying it back to your corporate data center, becomes more and more attractive.


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