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20 things you need to know about video SEO

James A. Martin | Nov. 4, 2016
For maximum video search engine optimization, it pays to know the key tenets of modern video SEO. Search pros and digital marketing experts share top tips to boost your video search efforts.

18. Add metadata to your video sitemap

You should create a video sitemap so you can provide metadata when you post new video, to "improve Google's ability to include your video in search results," according to Google itself. Sitemaps should include HTML code that designates video titles, descriptions and other tags.

19. Maximize metadata opportunities

No "major difference" exists between video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo in terms of SEO, according to Babin. "What ultimately matters the most for SEO is to expose as much relevant and accurate metadata in a structured and visible way about your video," he says. "So whatever service you're posting your video to, make sure you maximize the metadata you can add to the video post."

Of course, if you post video to your own site, "you're in greater control and can perform more actions," such as creating an effective media RSS (MRSS) feed, which is used to syndicate multimedia files, Babin says. "On your own website, you can also create a better experience connecting related videos together into a continuous playlist or interactive story."

20. Add calls to action at the end of video  

Most people who post online video don't follow the basic best practices, which include "creating compelling visual content combined with a well-crafted headline that includes your keywords and a call to action," White says. In general, calls to action should prompt viewers to do something, such as visit a website, where they may be exposed to a product, service or content that's designed to turn them into customers, she says.  


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