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13 stats that prove Apple Music can coexist with Spotify and Pandora

Oscar Raymundo | Aug. 19, 2015
Only 11 percent of iOS users listen to Apple Music, but 64 percent claim they are very likely to become paid subscribers after the free trial.

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It’s been almost two months since Apple Music first launched, and aside from boasting that it already has 11 million free subscribers, Apple has not revealed any other hard facts about the shiny, new streaming service.

To help fill the silent void, MusicWatch surveyed 5,000 iOS users in the U.S. about their Apple Music listening habits. Here are the top insights from the survey:

77 percent of iOS users are aware of Apple Music. How could they not be after a high-profile marketing campaign and a nod of approval from Taylor Swift?

11 percent are currently using Apple Music. That figure is consistent among users who purchase downloads from iTunes, or use iTunes to manage their music library.

18 percent of iTunes Radio users are now listening to Apple Music. iTunes Radio was Apple’s previous streaming product that was rolled into Apple Music and rebranded to include Beats 1 and other genre stations.

52 percent of users who have tried Apple Music are still tuning in. That means that over half are still hooked on the service almost two months after it first launched. (Update: Apple is contesting this figure, telling The Verge that 79 percent of Apple Music users have actually stuck around and are currently using the service).

28 percent of Spotify paid subscribers also use Apple Music. These can be considered the die-hard streaming fans who try and compare different platforms to see which one most deserves their $10 every month.

11 percent of free Spotify users and 6 percent of free Pandora users are on Apple Music. The low figures here indicate that for most users using free, ad-supported streaming services are satisfied and not willing to pay $10 for anything else—even with Apple Music’s tempting three-month trial.

64 percent of current Apple Music users claim they are very likely to pay to subscribe after their free trials end. That’s a very promising figure, but then again...

61 percent of current Apple Music users have already turned off the auto-renewal. Perhaps they just want to subscribe on their own terms.

My Music is the most popular Apple Music feature. My Music is one of the features that truly separates Apple Music from competitors. For iOS users with a large curated collection, Apple Music’s built-in iTunes Match for no extra charge is a godsend.

30 percent listen to Beats 1. That figure would probably be higher if Beats 1 didn’t keep crashing.

27 percent use Connect. Pretty impressive considering there is an option to remove it entirely from showing up in the Music app.


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