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12 valuable tools for managing business Macs

Ryan Faas | Nov. 30, 2011
The knock on managing Macs in business environments has long been Apple's ambivalent attitude toward providing significant enterprise support. Apple does, of course, offer tools for deploying, configuring, and managing Macs. But to move Macs beyond a departmental setting, IT will often find it necessary to look to third parties for help.

Mac support tool No. 11: Symantec's Altiris Client Management

Part of Symantec's broad range of enterprise IT management suite, Altiris Client Management supports Windows, Linux, and Mac end-user systems. For Mac systems, it supports system discovery and inventory/asset management, monolithic system imaging, software distribution and patch management, and remote control of systems for end-user support.

Mac support tool No. 12: Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage is a suite that focuses on complete lifecycle management for PCs, Macs, and iOS devices. For Macs it offers inventory/asset management, monolithic system imaging, software deployment and patch management, license management, and security/system change management.


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